Fluid Mechanics Services

Aerotak is a fluid mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD consultancy company. Offering CFD consultant, CFD specialist, fluid mechanics consultant, fluid mechanics specialist. We couple engineering development with fluid dynamics and CFD. Running design optimisation using CFD and fluid dynamics. We validate our CFD simulations against experimental test results.

Aerotak er en konsulentvirksomhed som tilbyder Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD konsulent og fluid mekanik konsulent. Aerotak har expertise inden for ANSYS Fluent, Siemens CCM+ og OpenFOAM. Aerotak har stor erfaring inden for procesindustrien og bilindustrien. Aerotak tilbyder fluid specialist, CFD specialist, samt fluid konsulent og CFD konsulent.

Aerotak Fluid Mechanic Specialists


At Aerotak™ we are experts in Fluid Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), offering consultancy within e.g. simulations, concept development, and on-site consultancy.

CFD Simulations

Aerotak™ can assist your company in developing state-of-the-art CFD simulations of your products or processes. The simulations are specifically set up to address your needs, resources, and time frame. Typical simulations address topics such as product development, design optimisation, flow characterisation and understanding, and scaling of prototypes.

Concept Development

At Aerotak™ we are highly experienced in the development of product and process concepts with a high fluid mechanic integrity. We combine the potential of CFD with our profound knowledge within the field of fluid mechanics. Applying CFD in concept development is a proven and cost-efficient approach. Whether you desire fast concept proposals or fully developed and verified concepts, Aerotak™ can help.

On-site CFD and Fluid Mechanics Specialists

Aerotak™ offers CFD and Fluid Mechanics Specialists to assist your company when the need arises. This means that a fluid mechanics specialist from Aerotak™ will be present on-site at your company, and be part of your project team or department.

DES simulation of formula racing car

DES simulation of formula racing car


  • Drag and lift forces

  • Front/Rear downforce distribution

  • Optimisation of internal and external flow

  • Heat management

  • Aeroacoustics

  • Intercooler, turbo, compressor, intake and exhaust flow evaluation

    View case study here.

CFD simulaiton of near wall velocities on buildings

CFD simulaiton of near wall velocities on buildings

Construction and Architecture

  • Pedestrian-level wind conditions

  • Aerodynamic loads on constructions

  • Aerodynamic noise propagation

  • Ventilation system modelling and dimensioning

  • Temperature distribution

  • Air change rate

    View case study on cleanroom ventilation here.

Particle laden flow simulation

Particle laden flow simulation

Process engineering

  • Energy optimization

  • Concept development

  • Trouble shooting on process equipment

  • Pressure loss

  • Multiphase

  • Particle laden flow

  • Optimization for uniform flow distribution

    View case study on steam decontamination here.

    View case study on spray drying here.

Hardware and software support

Hardware and software support

Hardware and Software Support

  • Obtain the ideal configuration

  • Hardware performance vs cost evaluation

  • Software evaluation

  • Cloud solution evaluation

  • Automated CFD software development