Fluid mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD consultancy company. Offering CFD consultant, CFD specialist, fluid mechanics consultant, fluid mechanics specialist. We couple engineering development with fluid dynamics and CFD. Running design optimisation using CFD and fluid dynamics. We validate our CFD simulations against experimental test results.

Aerotak er en konsulentvirksomhed som tilbyder Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD konsulent og fluid mekanik konsulent. Aerotak har expertise inden for ANSYS Fluent, Siemens CCM+ og OpenFOAM. Aerotak har stor erfaring inden for procesindustrien og bilindustrien. Aerotak tilbyder fluid specialist, CFD specialist, samt fluid konsulent og CFD konsulent.

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Aerotak™ was founded in 2017 by Thomas Filholm and Kasper Berthu Damkjær. With their background as fluid mechanics specialists they experienced the possibilities in understanding, solving, and visualizing fluid mechanics challenges. This insight laid the foundation on which Aerotak™ is founded. At Aerotak™ we are determined to achieve our goals. The vision and mission statements serve as a reminder of where we are coming from and where we are going, but above all, it serves as a guideline for the continous development of Aerotak™ and its day-to-day-running.


Our vision is to enable everyone to harness the power of computational fluid mechanics.


Our mission is to deliver an efficient and quality focused service that addresses the fluid mechanic challenges of our customers. Computational fluid dynamics, experience, excellence, and a specialized knowledge of fluid mechanics are the key aspects in providing the world’s best fluid mechanics services, that will ultimately allow us to succeed in our vision.



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Kasper Berthu Damkjær

Senior Fluid Mechanics Specialist
Phone: + 45 27 12 10 13
Mail: kasper@aerotak.dk

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

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Thomas Filholm

Senior Fluid Mechanics Specialist
Phone: + 45 61 67 85 51
Mail: thomas@aerotak.dk

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Fluid Mechanics Specialist Henrik Brun Hansen

Henrik Brun Hansen

Fluid Mechanics Specialist
Phone: + 45 27 40 51 57
Mail: henrik.hansen@aerotak.dk

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Fluid Mechanics Specialist Christian Lundgaard

Christian Lundgaaard

Fluid Mechanics Specialist
Phone: +45 61 71 71 17
Mail: christian.lundgaard@aerotak.dk

PhD Mechanical Engineering

Fluid Mechanics Specialist Frederik Zafiryadis

Frederik Zafiryadis

Fluid Mechanics Specialist
Phone: + 45 26 71 82 06
Mail: frederik.zafiryadis@aerotak.dk

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

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CO2-neutral webpage

Aerotak has chosen to join the organisation for CO2-neutral websites. Power consumption related to the use of the Internet emits large amounts of CO2. With this approach, we neutralize CO2 emissions from the use of our website through investments in CO2 reducing projects and the construction of new renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines.